Les appareils intelligents révolutionnent la gestion de la ville

To support local authorities and companies in their digital transformation, Heyliot designs smart waste collection solutions to keep an eye on the filling of containers.

The number of tons of waste continues to increase

According to the World Bank, the weight of waste produced per day in the world is 0.74 kg per capita. However, this average is not representative: it is higher among citizens of developed countries than in emerging countries. But the weight produced each day is constantly increasing and should reach 3.4 billion tons per day by 2050. In France, the rate of waste per capita is 13.8 tons of waste per year according to the National Center for Independent Information on Waste (CNIID)
Smart waste management is now a priority for many municipalities. It helps to redesign the way urban spaces are used and brings together all the city stakeholders around a more open and integrated model of governance.

It is essential to reduce the environmental footprint of cities, make them more attractive, preserve the quality of life there, and provide efficient public services.

That’s where Heyliot comes in.

Heyliot IoT sensor for monitoring waste collection

Innovative level sensor

Heyliot was founded in 2017 and now has 12 employees. Since the summer of 2021,  more than 3500 sensors have been deployed in various communities and large accounts.

Heyliot’s innovative level sensors are based on a patented laser technology and are cloud-connected to optimize the rounds and the volumes collected.

Thanks to this solution, customers avoid overflow and save on operational costs while improving the quality of service to users.  

These sensors (made in France) communicate their measurements using low-speed IoT networks such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox using very little energy: with a simple replaceable battery, a sensor can communicate for 5 to 7 years.

How Move & Connect helps Heyliot to scale

To be a truly revolutionary product that could be used anytime and anywhere, Heyliot wanted to eliminate as many technical hurdles as possible specifically to complete the LoRaWAN coverage. Doing so, the devices could be plugged and immediately start collecting insightful data anywhere.

Move & Connect eliminated all of these problems. Move & Connect’s global IoT cellular connectivity network would enable Heyliot’s cellular gateways to work out of the box, with more than 650 carriers in 200 countries.

And by partnering with Move & Connect, Heyliot would only need one type of SIM for all of it’s devices, and only one contract.

Cyril Pradel – co-founder / CEO says "Thanks to Move & Connect's solutions and reactivity, we gain in agility to deploy our product even faster for local authorities and corporate customers".

Global coverage with just one SIM

As a Webbing’s reseller, Move & Connect provides a global network to ensure that even the most remote rural communities have access to real-time datas.

With this datas, local authorities and private companies have access to predictive analytics that can make them savings optimizing their rounds and reducing their carbon footprint.

Cyril Pradel says «  We needed to quickly deploy gateways in Martinique and Move & Connect was able to react by delivering and activating SIM cards in record time! »

Easy onboarding

At Move & Connect we are not considering our relationships with our clients as a simple provider. We are a long-time partner for IoT projects.

As this partnership is based on our ability to help our customers growing fast and securely we are present at the very beginning of the project and keep close until scalability and day-do-day operations.

Our clients can test our connectivity solution for free and chat with our technical team to ensure their devices are ready to be onboarded.  

Then, they can deploy at their own pace : They are not charged until their device is ready to launch.

« The implementation was particularly fast and efficient: after a few exchanges to present functionalities, we were able to order and receive our first SIM cards quickly » said Cyril Pradel

Flexible offer with competitive rates

Wherever you intend to deploy your devices, with Move & Connect you can ensure that you will have the best service at the best cost. Thanks to our pay-as-you-go offer or dynamic pool plans you will always have a subscription that fits to your project.

You can suspend your devices so the billing for an unlimited time.

Insightful datas

“Today, thanks to Move & Connect's connectivity solutions, we gain in agility and we can quickly respond to the need for additional coverage, regardless of the territories where we deploy our gateways. In terms of SIM card and subscription management, the Webbing platform allows us to precisely monitor consumption and to be alerted in case of overage; this avoids wasting time checking each card individually” says Cyril Pradel

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