Internet everywhere no roaming fees

multi-carrier SIM cards and eSIMs without roaming fees and no commitment

No limit for your IoT projects

Your IoT deployments made easy. With the Move&Connect IoT platform, connect and manage all your assets, anywhere in the world.

Auto adaptative network

No need to perform a site survey to identify the best network

One for all

A single APN for 200 countries across 600+ carriers

Secured access

All your assets are accessible through a VPN access

Be nomads

Borderless connectivity


International SIM cards / eSIMs 
4G/5G plan no commitment 
50% to 90% saving

4G/Wi-Fi router

5G ready

Buy or rent
Mobile Wi-Fi
International SIM card

Move & Connect Manager

A single cellular platform to deploy and manage all your SIM cards and eSIMs. End-to-end visibility of your assets. Your fleet management is centralized in a simple and flexible global solution.

Set up alerts and notifications based on triggers.

Plug & play SIM card

Our SIM card is agnostic and compatible with carriers around the world.

Efficient management

All available carriers are visible on your dashboard with advanced reporting.

Stunning simplicity

1 contract, 1 interface, 1 contact for access to 600+ operators around the world.

Multi-carrier SIM cards & eSIMs

iot sim card

Global coverage

One single APN for 600+ carriers across 200 countries


Compatibility with different cellular technologies 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M 


Secure hardware-agnostic SIM card designed by Gemalto


100% uptime thanks to our native carrier redundancy architecture and low latency


The multi-carrier M2M SIM card physically looks like a classic SIM card. It is available in the same formats but also in eSIM.

M2M – Machine To Machine – means that this SIM card allows direct communication between two machines, without human intervention.

The multi-carrier M2M SIM card is remotely configurable through a cellular platform.

The multi-carrier M2M SIM card scans mobile networks and connect to the one with the best signal.

When the card loses the signal, it automatically switches to a backup network.
This technology guarantees a continuous data flow with low latency.

By default the card profile is configured to connect to the network that offers the best signal and automatically switch to a backup carrier in case the main carrier goes down.
However, depending on our customers’ agreements with national carrier, it is possible through our Move & Connect Manager platform to prioritize networks and assign a different profile to each device worldwide.

International data roaming consists in connecting to the Internet via a different carrier than the one subscribed.

With our multi-carrier SIM cards your device can connects to 600+ carriers across 200 countries.

An IoT SIM card is designed to send and receive data with more memory and durability than a standard SIM card.
IoT SIM cards also last longer—up to 10 years or more. They are able to withstand environmental challenges like vibration and extreme temperatures.

Our IoT SIM cards are available in triple cut and MFF2 form factors. They include over the air (OTA) provisioning capabilities.

Move & Connect’s IOT cellular connectivity offerings are flexible and without commitment. 

We offer shared or dedicated data packages or metered pricing depending on the area of the world.

Move & Connect is here to help you grow. We’ll help you meet business goals by designing plans that fit your budget and data needs.

Change your plan easily thanks to our friendly support team and account manager.

An agnostic SIM card is independent of the device you are using and does not require any configuration.

Multi-IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity, it is a unique number that mobile network operators use to recognize individual subscribers. It is a key element of a SIM card configuration profile.


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