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Connecting industrial equipment improves productivity through predictive maintenance and machine monitoring.

Move & Connect provides a secure platform to bring smart factories online. 

With Move & Connect Manager you can generate advanced reports to better manage your assets and adjust your alerts.

Predictive maintenance

Secured plateforme

Alerts & Reports


Facilitate remote patient monitoring.

Move & Connect provides reliable coverage in over 200 countries. Medical devices connect without end-user configuration and transmit data over a private cellular connection to ensure security and compliance.

200+ countries coverage

Automatic Connection

Private transmission


Keep your fleet connected with a single SIM card that combines multiple networks to ensure reliability around the world.

Move & Connect provides end-to-end visibility for asset tracking and fleet management. Our cards are compatible with carriers worldwide.

Use Move & Connect’s SIM agnostic cards for seamless integration into devices.

Then automate SIM card activation and device configuration when your fleet is ready to go.

SIM One for All

Fleet management

Agnostic SIM card

scheduled activation

Smart farming

With Move & Connect’s solutions, connected sensors stream data around the world.

Farmers and governments have real-time data on their crops and climate.

Move & Connect Manager allows them to analyze this data and use it for business intelligence.

Move & Connect enables farmers around the world to stay connected to their crops and improve their farm performance.

Connected devices

Real-time data monitoring

Remote analysis


Move & Connect simplifies asset tracking.
With our global multi-carrier network, you can ensure end-to-end visibility.

With our SIM agnostic cards, you make it easy to deploy your devices.

With our flexible solutions, suspend subscriptions with a few clicks to reduce costs when devices are not in use.

Real-time tracking

Single SIM card

Flexible data plan


For robotics and autonomous vehicles, it is imperative to have a reliable and secure network to detect an event, analyze it and respond in a fraction of a second.

With Move & Connect Manager you always have a backup operator in over 200 countries and very low latency.

Our network is 5G ready, no intervention will be required to update assets.

Secured network


5G Ready


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